Cambodia/COVID school year

This is the main reception for the school. Located in the one of the two centre buildings. Very impressive!

This is a model of the campus. Four main buildings. Far left is the elementary building, centre left is the community centre, centre right is the sport centre and far right is the high school building.

This is the view into the centre area of the high school building. Hoping that the main and first floor are complete for Monday.

So, what to share with all of you about my first two days at work in my new school.  First of all, it must be said that this is simply the strangest start up of my career.  Certainly, there are a crazy number of health and safety rules and guidelines we must follow.  These rules were agreed on by the school board and various ministries here, having these clearly stated to all stakeholders is what is allowing our school to open.  Everyone is to wear masks, everyone will have their temperature taken at least 3 times daily, classrooms are to be vented three times daily, extra sanitizing will be done through the day, there are procedures for hallways, lunch, use of bathrooms, entrance to and exit from campus.  It is going to be a challenge but we are open and kids are coming so we will all learn how to make it work or we risk getting shut down.  

COVID has also made filling the school with things like furniture, library books, student desks, textbooks and virtually anything you can think of a major problem.  COVID disrupted virtually all supply chains into Cambodia so we will likely be starting with lots of important missing items.

It is an amazing staff that has been hired.  People from Australia, US, UK and several Canadian provinces.  This offers me the opportunity to consider things from a different perspective than I may have in the past.  It also offers the challenge that I am one of the very few who have both training and experience in reading and executing the demands of the Alberta Curriculum.

The school campus itself is UNBEIVABLE!  It feels almost like a small college.  There is lots of construction still being done, so there are no photos I can share but here is a list of some of the spaces that we will be able to use …eventually:

  • 6 lane competition pool with electronic timing system
  • Full theatre, capacity about 500
  • Indoor gym large enough for 2 full court basketball games
  • Maker space
  • Multi use library with green room and breakout spaces
  • Orchestral room with numerous recording studios
  • Art space including room for photography and pottery
  • Dance studio
  • Full fitness (machine, weights and HIT) centre
  • Outdoor soccer field (full size, natural grass)
  • Ninja course
  • Butterfly garden
  • Cafeteria with seating for 300

I have likely forgotten things, but you get the idea…its incredible, but unfinished.  I am getting used to riding in a tuk tuk.  It is very interesting how quickly that happened.  There seems to be a natural flow to traffic.  It is not crazy and fast like I had imagined, rather it seems like water flowing.  Horns are used to let other drivers know where you are and not blasted in anger.  Lanes are general suggestions only and it is not uncommon to see a new Toyota Prius beside a remorque style tuk tuk. 

3 thoughts on “Cambodia/COVID school year

  1. Impressionante! Qu’enseignes-tu? Ou habites-tu? Coco aura beaucoup de difficulte avec le manque de lignes sur les rues!


    1. I am living in the centre area of Phnom Penh, and I am teaching Math (grades 5, 6, 10) and Science (Grades 9,10). There are lines, but in many places they are wore off and honestly they are just a suggestion anyhow.


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